Service Checklists

What are service checklists?

Service checklists are checklists for each service we offer (dog walking, pet sitting, cat sitting). We offer these checklists to team members, to be used when they complete services, so that they have a resource that helps them stay on track with everything a client expects them to complete during a given service.

We’ve often been asked what are the “standards” team members should complete on services. There are no standards! The most important thing is that you refer to client profile notes and pet profile notes to tailor each service to exactly what the client is asking you to complete. Pairing this technique with the use of our service checklists will just ensure that you have everything taken care of from start to finish.

Do I have to use your service checklists?

You do not have to use our service checklists by any means! We offer this resource to HELP YOU! In the past, when team members have consistently chosen to use service checklists to complete their fieldwork, our clients have responded with great satisfaction. The service checklists ensure that we deliver consistency to our clients, regardless of which team member works with their pets. If we continue delivering consistency, they remain satisfied. Thus, we continue having the privilege of serving them and their pets!

Printable Checklists

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