Service Box Notes

If you wish to communicate something to your assigned team member and it applies for just an individual service (or set of services) on schedule, please use the service notes feature!

To add a note to a service box, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your client account.
  2. From the list of tabs on the left, click on My Schedule.
  3. Locate the service that you want to add a note for.
  4. Check off the actual service box (see image below).
  5. At the top of the screen in the green banner, click Add Note.
  6. In the popup, type your note then click Add Note.
Screen Shot 2022 07 14 at 4.05.34 PM

For further assistance on leaving service notes, please refer to this support article!

PLEASE NOTE: Any service box notes you leave for a team member, they will be able to see them but not respond back to them!

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