Services FAQs

Why do you only offer services in time blocks instead of at exact times?

We have lots of clients to take care of, and with that, will need ample time to get to your place to care for your pets! We work in 2-hour time frames, and that allows us time to take on multiple clients in similar/overlapping time frames as well as account for driving in between services. 

Please note that the time blocks that we offer are for ARRIVAL TIMES. So, let’s say you schedule a service for 3-5pm, the earliest the assigned pet care technician can arrive is 3pm and the latest he/she can arrive is 5pm.

What kinds of services do you offer?

We offer four types of services: Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Cat Sitting, and Overnight Stays. Please navigate to each page to learn more! 

Do you provide kennel/boarding services?

No. We are an in-home pet care company, meaning that we come to your home to care for your pet(s). We do not offer kennel or boarding services because we honestly believe that pets are happier and more comfortable being cared for in their own homes anyways.

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