⭐️ Pet Spotlight #6 ⭐️

Here at Hands N’ Paws, our love language is slobbery kisses and big ole puppy dog eyes, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! This month, we’re so excited to show off a pup who gives us all the love and slobbery kisses we could ever ask for! Everybody, put your paws together for Edison, our pet spotlight feature of the month! You deserve this, big guy! 

When we take Edison for a walk around the block, we’ve gotta make sure we’re wearing our best sneakers and our nicest Hands N’ Paws t-shirt, because this handsome boy makes heads turn. In the past few months, we’ve seen Edison learn to manage those big puppy paws of his, turning his goofy puppy stumbles into a show-stopping model walk. Go Edison! His big blue eyes and gorgeous coat are absolutely FURbulous, and that big slobbery tongue hanging out of his giant smile just completes the look.

But when Edison is out on a walk, he’s not worried about his model looks. This friendly giant just wants to explore! Edison always either has his nose glued to the ground, sniffing for adventure, or his head up and eyes wide open, looking for fun. Such a curious pup!

Even though Edison has Scooby-Doo level curiosity on his walks, that doesn’t mean he wants to go on his adventures alone. This sweet pup always makes sure we’re right there beside him every step of the way. Sometimes, if he has a lot of energy, Edison will show us his spin move. It’s his way of getting his energy out without having to leave our side, and it absolutely makes our day! 

When Edison isn’t spinning in circles or sniffing for clues, you can find him hanging out with his brother, Moritz. In the summertime, these two love to crunch down on their favorite treats together: ice cubes! In the winter, Edison gets his fix by stopping on his walks to get a nice refreshing mouthful of snow. Such a resourceful pup!

Behind that big deep bark of his, Edison is just a big ole puppy with a heart of gold, and we feel so lucky to know him! This big friendly giant truly is a puppy at heart, and while he sometimes forgets his own size and strength (hey Edison, our arms are still sore from our game of tug-of-war last week!), his big slobbery smile and happy-go-lucky disposition make him a PAWfect addition to the Hands N’ Paws family! We love you, ya big goofball, and we are so thankful that you love us right back!

Be sure to share this blog post with all your FURiends on social media and stay tuned for the next Pet Spotlight feature!

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